Can't We All Just Swim Along

Can’t We All Just Swim Along

The inspiration for 'Can't We All Just Swim Along' came to me in a dream.

Like most of my dreams, this one was filled with wonderful thoughts, images, and emotions. I was overwhelmed and delighted by all of the many colorful faces during my sleep. I remembered how the fish swam closely together, but in a state of tranquility and harmony within a vast space of beautiful, clear water. As the days passed, the vision of the fish remained with me.

I knew that this dream had a purpose. It gave me insight and hope; it inspired me to create a painting that would represent the feelings I had experienced throughout the dream. For me, the painting has become a symbol for world peace.

I dream that peace will one day fill the land like fish fill the seas.

                                                         - Mark Cottman

40 x 30

signed limited edition giclee reproduction

on canvas


Note: Watermark image '' will not appear on reproduction.